About Hospital

Ayurveda College Coimbatore hospital is one of the oldest hospital started in Coimbatore. Our hospital is situated in Sulur town nearly 20 kilometers from Coimbatore town. Hospital is fully fledged with 60 beds providing all Ayurvedic treatments under the supervision of expert qualified doctors. Our hospital is equipped with major & minor OT with modernized equipment, facilitating all Panchakarma therapies. Pathyaaharas are provided according to the various conditions of the patient.

Hospital is located in an ecofriendly environment providing a peaceful ambience with positive aura. All the treatments are being carried out by well trained and experienced therapists. Our hospital maintains an herbal garden “Dronagiri” with more than 200 medicinal herbs which we use for the pharmaceutical preparations. Free medical camps are being conducted every month in the nearby localities and provides total free treatment for economically poor patients. We also have necessary diagnostic infrastructure such as clinical and pathological laboratory, ECG, X-ray unit.

The college has fully functional Ayurvedic hospital with 60 beds and 24 hours causality service guided under highly professional and efficient faculties. AVC has a privilege of gifting efficient Ayurvedic practitioners to the society for the past 5 decades.

  • Kayachikitsa - Internal Medicine
  • Shalya - General Surgery
  • Shalakya - Ophthalmology Oto-RhinoLaryngology & Oro-Dentistry
  • Koumarabrithya - Pediatrics
  • Stri Roga - Gynecology
  • Prasuti Tantra - Obstetrics
  • Swasthavritta - Lifestyle Management, Public Health
  • Panchkarma - Therapeutic Procedural Management

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