Hospital Facilities

Our hospital provides traditional ayurveda treatments along with modern facilities with variety of choices of accommodation available for comfortable stay at the hospital during treatment.

Our hospital serves the needy with skilled doctors, well trained therapist, well equipped infrastructure and humble staff

Our hospital has its own laboratory which functions round the clock with emphasis on accuracy, precision and reproducibility of medical reports.

We have a full fledged Operation theatre for various minor surgical interventions.

Treatment Facilities Under OPD and IPD
  • 24 hours Medical Service
  • OPD Treatments under 8 Specialities:
      1. Kayachikitsa - Internal Medicine
      2. Shalya tantra - General Surgery
      3. Shalakya tantra - Ophthalmology Oto-RhinoLaryngology & Oro-Dentistry
      4. Koumarabrithya - Pediatrics
      5. Agada tantra - Clinical Toxicology
      6. Prasuti Tantra evum Stri roga- Gynecology & Obstetrics
      7. Swasthavritta - Lifestyle Management, Public Health
      8. Panchkarma - Therapeutic Procedural Management
  • Well furnished IPD with standard facilities
  • Panchakarma treatments
  • Kshara karma (Alkali Therapy)
  • Leech Therapy
  • Yoga therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Anti-natal and Post-natal Consultations and care
  • Post stroke management
  • Emergency management unit
  • Fistula, Piles, Diabetic wound Management
  • Laboratory Facilities, ECG unit, X-RAY unit
  • Well fledged Pharmacy, own medicine preparation, free medicine supply