Swastha vritta and yoga focus on educating and enabling individual and community about their responsibility to preserve and promote health by following lifestyle modification, dietetics, ethical code of conduct and yoga. For attaining highest level of health department serves the individuals and community through OPD consultation,awareness classes,surveys and medical camps and also execute management to lifestyle disorders like diabetes, hypertension, obesity, hypothyroidism etc. and extend support to other department by dietetic and nutritional counseling for paediatric,obstetric and geriatric patients. Department works on providing quality education for students to mould them for conducting interdisciplinary research on dietetics, lifestyle disorders and preventive aspects of communicable diseases and service oriented vaidyas.

Faculty Details
SL.No Name of the staff Image Qualification Teacher’s code Designation Experience
1 Dr.Rajalekshmy P R Faculty BAMS,MD(Ayu),(PhD) AYSV00039 HOD & ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR 6 years 7 months
2 Dr.I.K.Rekha Faculty BAMS , MD(Ayu) Swasthavritta AYSV00770 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR 5 years 1 month
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