Shareera Rachana is one of the fundamental subject of Ayurveda placed in the first-year curriculum of BAMS. This subject elaborately deals with knowledge of Ayurvedic aspects like Shareera, Manas, Garbha, Kala, Srotas, Sira, dhamani,Marma and anatomical aspects of the human body including histology, osteology,embryology, organology, etc

The structure of the entire human body is explained to students through cadaver dissection ensuring practical knowledge with hands-on training to each student.The unique concepts of Ayurveda like Shareera,Manas ,Srotas,kala are being introduced which will open the gateway to the ayurvedic understanding of the human body explained by Great Acharyas.

The department has a full fledged dissection hall with facilities for cadaver preservation. It has a well preserved elegant museum with specimens and fine exhibits. The department also has an exclusive library.The facilities meet all the requirements of undegraduate.

Faculty Details
SL.No Name of the staff Image Qualification Teacher’s code Designation Experience
1 Dr. VISAKH S RAVI Faculty BAMS , M. D. (Ayu) AYRS00769 HOD & ASSISTANT PROFESSOR 3 years
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