Dr. Chandramouleeswaran P, Principal

Chandramouleeswaran P MD,Ph.D(Ayu), Principal and HOD Department of Panchakarma joined Ayurveda College Coimbatore on 30.10.2007 . After completing his Post graduation in Panchakarma, he has worked as a honorary physician at Ayurveda Retreat Hospital Coonoor. He did his PhD from the renowned institution NIA, Jaipur. He visited and delivered lectures and consultation in fourteen countries. He has treated more than 6000 patients in a span of 16 years from all over the world.

He is a regular invitee as resource person for Panchakarma CME’s and workshops in National and international seminars. He also holds the position of PhD thesis evaluator and question paper setter for SCSVMV Tamil Nadu, Mandasaur University Uttar Pradesh and BHU Varanasi. His book on Snehana is a unique work including internal and external oleation therapies with scientific explanations. His next book “Kriya Kalpa’ will be launched shortly. He has presented numerous papers in State, National and International seminars with lots of publications in peer reviewed journals. His constant dedication in patient care along with amazing leadership inspiring the staff and student communities produced a tremendous progress for college and hospital.

Under his initiative many research works involving technologies and health care are on progress like pain relieving patches, ayurvedic nebulisation, patches for pregnancy stria etc. Under his guidance continuous webinar series are conducted by our college where faculties and practitioners of various states of India deliver lectures, utilized by students, clinicians and faculty all over India. He is very particular in developing self disciplined punctual and clinical oriented students to deliver promising doctors for the society